What is Restorative dentistry?

It is the art and science of replacing the lost tooth structure with a material that restore the function and esthetic.
This consists of;

  • Preventive measures as a- (topical fluoride application) for decreasing the liability of tooth enamel to caries. b- (Enameloplasty) a process of reshaping the enamel surface to prevent food accumulation that predispose to caries.
  • Restorations of decayed teeth by white tooth-colored material (composite)that matches the tooth in term of color and strength.
    Other materials as (glass ionomer) which is also tooth- colored is a material of choice for patients with high caries index due to its fluoride release property.
  • endodontic treatment which is the root canal treatment by removing the affected pulp, mechanical shaping of the canals and filling them with a biologically accepted material . This is usually followed by crown placement to prevent the tooth from fractures and assuring longevity.
  • fixed prosthesis (crown and bridge) With the innovations in dental ceramics, restoring badly broken teeth to a natural-like one is now easier than before. With shades and colors that closely match most of the population, patients’ satisfaction is guaranteed.