Children milk teeth are very important for their facial, speech, physical and psychological development. They can face all dental problems as that for adults and so they receive the same care. We persistently try to reserve the teeth vitality till the time of eruption of permanent teeth. However, sometimes we are forced to extract hopeless teeth and use space maintainer to avoid malalignment in permanent teeth so to reduce the chances of needing orthodontic treatment on the future.

We as a team at Intra laser medical center are dedicated to give our patients a pleasant dental treatment equipped with an up to date knowledge and tools.
We offer a range of dental treatment as;

  • General Dentistry;

    Which concerns with your general oral health and hygiene. You will be given advices and illustrated instruction about improving your hygiene, food and dental caries prevention. Caries treatment as restorations are available with some of the best materials and tools. conservative approach will always be adopted because we treasure the value of human teeth.

  • Root canal treatment:

    When the tooth pulp is affected root canal treatment (endodontic)is a must. By removing of the pulp, mechanical shaping of pulp space and filing it, we preserve the tooth.

  • Crown and bridges:

    If you have badly broken tooth, endo -treated tooth, lost tooth between two teeth or large dental filling that is weakening the tooth structure, then you need crown and bridge work. simply by reducing few millimeter of the tooth and replacing it crown in a process that needs few visits.

  • oral surgery:

    General surgeries procedures as extraction of a tooth or remaining root can be easily and painlessly done. post-operative instructions will be given to decrease the possibilities of complications.

  • Cosmetic dentistry:

    A healthy beautiful smile is a dream of every one and with us we make it reality. With proper dental assessment for the patient, smile makeover is achievable. Porcelain veneer is the material of choice for such target only if patient’s oral condition permits. Teeth bleaching with one of the best machine can whiten your teeth in less than an hour. A process as simple as that can give you a smile you desire.

  • Gum (gingival disease):

    Without healthy gum, no healthy teeth. Giving you the care you need to maintain your hygiene by proper scaling and polishing. we are also keen to educate our patients about the techniques and materials to be used at home for such purpose.