Cosmetic dentistry

The scope of dentistry in the last few decades expanded due to constant pursuing of perfection. The beauty of a smile plays a major role in not only the beauty of the face, but also patient’s self-esteem, confidence and social appealing. Smile design and reconstruction is very popular now. With good treatment planning and realistic patient expectations, beautiful smile is assured. Using porcelain laminate veneer with a selected shade makes the technique very easy and conservative. only parts per millimeters are removed from enamel and this assure neglectable sensitivity.
Dental bleaching is another way to enhance the beauty of a smile when the problem is in the external color of the teeth and not the alignment. In-office bleaching using latest technology and best material can surly satisfy a patient in less than an hour.
At-home bleaching kit is also available for individual use by special constructed tray for the patient. This will take much time to gain a result and needs patient to follow the instruction given.